Could “Gods” be aliens

Chariots of the GodsI had heard a lot about Chariots of the Gods and finally managed to read it, inspite of the bad print. The whole book is based on one premise – Is there a possibility that the beings we refer to as gods and who have been talked about in various mythologies, be in fact aliens – superior intelligence-beings from other parts of our universe.

While this may sound slightly outrageous and maybe even funny on the first instance, believe you me, the book builds a very compelling case. If you are the curious kinds, you would love it and I can bet, a lot of chapters would trigger searches on Google :-).

I found some of the facts in Chariots of the Gods – very interesting:

  • Most mythologies seem to have a common thread that the “Gods” descended from the sky. Many even say they had flying chariots  or had wings.
  • Some civilizations managed to make sudden progress or achievements that were not in sync with the skills or the developed knowledge of the days.E.g.
    • The Egyptian pyramids (esp that of Cheops) have been built with such accuracy on its slopes, that even modern day architects might have a tough time competing with. Apparently the side slopes are 100 times better than what the naked eye can notice.
    • How the Pyramids were built has been a mystery and the most promising theory has been that the blocks were rolled on logs of wood and heaved by an army of slaves. Erich puts this theory to test by asking as to where the wood came from. How could the narrow-fertile part of the Nile delta feed this huge army?
    • A heiroglyphic tablet found in another pyramid has this interesting set of diagrams, one of which is like the modern day helicopter.helicopter shown in Egyptian Pyramid Tablet
    • Mayans had an awesome calendar that was not only super accurate but was used to design their pyramids with the twin headed serpents – the ones they suddenly abandoned.
    • Same with the Eastern Island structures. Its impossible that the folks of that era could have lifted the single blocks which form the hats (its apparently from a different quarry as the remaining body)
  • Most mythologies have stories about a hero-of-a-man undertaking a journey to meet the gods and in quite a few cases coming back with really sophisticated weapons.(remember how Arjuna journeyed and got special powers before the big battle. He apparently met Indra, flew with him in his chariot etc etc).
  • Apparently there are pyramids in Bosnia also (not mentioned in his book) which are subject to an ongoing debate whether they were man-made or just re-shaped at the periphery by man. Then theres the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, again an archeological feat.
  • There are diagrams and carvings from civilizations of the past, that clearly show what looks like a space-suit or a rocket-traveller.
  • And many more ……

Fully recommended if you think there is such a remote possibility that what or who we refer to as Gods, could have been visitors from outer space.





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