Reference Articles

This is my own library of interesting articles across focused categories – Growth, Productivity, Leadership, Mental Models, Startups


Blitzscaling Vs Blitzfailing – Reid Hoffman takes the example of WeWork to identify why their model may not have been best suited for Blitzscaling – deliberately choosing growth over efficiency. He also refers to Glengarry Glen Ross market – a winner-take-all or winner-take-most markets.


Courage in Leadership – Simon Sinek talks about how courage is a key pillar for effective leadership. Club that with an infinite mindset and we have magic brewing.

Lessons in leadership and more from the top sports coaches. My summary of the absolutely amazing Netflix series PlayBook. Also read the more detailed episode by episode summary by Karthik Reddy on Linkedin


Are you a maker caught in a manager’s schedule – FS Blog’s post brings forth the need for a fundamentally different ways to allocate time. Coverage vs depth. A good reminder for professional’s to check if their schedule mirrors the expectations from their role(s).

Problem Solving

Invest the time to really understand where to apply the solution. Identify what really needs to be fixed, before jumping to solutions. A good reminder from a recent bug-fixing experience.

Problem framing is super critical. Invest enough time, ask the right questions. Solutioning can wait.


Idea Maze – a concept by Prof Balaji (Stanford – Startup Engineering Course) where in he talks about how to research your market and map it out to identify your unique insights. Right to play or right to win (if you may). The paper also highlights why one shouldn’t really be afraid of their “idea” being stolen.