Why entertainment Sells?

On my recent trip into the Kumaon region, I noticed that almost every second house had a DTH connection – with the dish antenna being flashed at every bend on the road. I remembered noticing the same during my trip into N Sikkim last year & I was wondering as to why there is such a high penetration of DTH in hilly areas.
Is it that local Cable system becomes costlier with the houses being few & located far off? Or is it that these people are willing to spend more for entertainment than their plain cousins.

entertainmentI think its the latter. In most of these places, the sun sets early & there is a definite need to kill time. What do these guys do in winters? They cannot gather around in the village center every evening, burn wood & make jolly. A TV set with 10-15 channels provides an easier way to while time while sitting in the warmth of the home.

And I am kind of convinced, that any service/product that reduces actual or perceived time will typically have a high adoption rate. Here’s my small list to prove the point
– Cars- reduced actual time to travel from A to B
– Telephone – reduced actual time to communicate between people.
– Entertainment- Reduces perceived time- it seems to fly faster
– Mobile Phones- No need to travel physically to a phone. It was like a double benefit

What say you? Do you agree with this line of reasoning?