The elusive Tigers of Corbet

Jim Corbet is one of the most celebrated National Parks in the country, but what is celebrated more is the tiger sighting- its become so rare at this park that most people consider themselves lucky if they come across one.
We were amongst the bigger unlucky lot as far as the tigers go, but was a great trip nevertheless.

We stayed at Dhikala- the lodge inside the park and next to Ramganga river- undoubtedly the best place to enjoy the park. Over the 3 days that we were there we took both the morning & evening safaris and even stayed on the machaan for the full afternoon quarantine period (they do not allow you to venture into the jungle between 9 & 3)…

The only close encounter we had was with a monkey, who “attacked” us at the machaan and “robbed” us of the many goodies we had stacked ourselves with…





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