The data-wars have begun

While the whole country was watching the 3G license bidding rounds, Aircel was probably working towards its first data-centric product- Peek. Launched with a lot of noise, Peek is an entry level handset (available for Rs 3999/-) that promises BlackBerry kind of experience- with Push Mail, multiple email id configuration, alert for new messages, scroller for navigation – it is definitely a BlackBerry insipred device.

Its not very often in India, that the operator takes the handset/gadget route to capture the market. Apart from bundling Nokia phones with connections, the only other device related initiative was data-cards. Peek is probably the first step of its kind & it would be interesting to find out, if the device is being given as a white label to the operator or has Aircel actually invested in this product’s design & development.

BlackBerry has gradually gained a lot of mind share even in the non-corporate segment, thanks to its fast working Facebook & Orkut apps. Peek campaigns, in contrast fail to highlight the social connectivity one can experience on this handset & this might be one single reason they would fail to impress the young, unemployed segment.

I expect Aircel to pitch Peek to corporate sector- esp industries with large sales teams – it would be a no-brainer for them to go ahead with.