Feedback, suggestions and views on Indian Armed Forces Coffee Table Book

I have been thinking of working on a coffee table book which brings a closer look into the lives of our soldiers and officers. And before I start taking steps towards this goal, I wanted to get your insights and feedback.

Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill As seen from Drass

Background: I had almost joined the NDA after my class 12th but destiny had other plans.   I have also noticed how the current generation of civilians, has no idea of fauj or  insights into a fauji’s life. I guess its coz they have too many distractions and the armed forces fail to compete with their attention.
I want to do a series of stories, wherein the lives of our men in uniform is covered , something where the the narrative is very personal,insightful . In the process inform the people about the role the armed forces play and how they can look at it as a possible career option.

My current plans: I have been thinking about this and have this approach as of now:

  • Reach out to one of the wings (of the armed forces) and discuss this idea with them. I am hoping that this will appeal to them as a way to increase visibility. I am told that the officer applications have steadily declined.
  • Ask the fauj to host me and help with the logistics. I would ideally want to cover multiple locations, units, types of careers, stories both famous and unheard and come up with 5-6 stories every week. I understand that some or most of it might have to go through some kind of sanitation check due to security issues.
  • Once there is some clear direction and traction, would approach a possible publisher for the print (coffee table) version of this.

Your inputs: You can help me with some constructive feedback on

  • How else I could structure this
  • Whether you would be keen to follow such stories on the blog
  • Any contacts/leads in the army/navy/air-force which can be tapped for this
  • Possible collaborators (if the official channel doesnt work). Would you be willing to talk to faujis in your neighbourhood/network and collectively work on this.

Will be great to hear from you. Thanks in advance.