PayTm bill payment

Why I use Paytm for all bill payments except Airtel

Consumer behavior used to be a course that marketing folks took in 2nd year of Bschool. I¬†stayed away , like most other marketing courses. But over the years, time and again I have seen the importance of understanding the consumer behavior – why do consumers behave a specific way, why and how are habits formed, are all habits sticky, what would prompt a habit change and so on. My Online Bill Payments Behaviour Recently I just noticed something interesting about how I pay my bills. It brought up the importance of consumer behavior yet again. So here’s what happened. Every

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India’s Most Trusted Brands 2011

The today’s list of Most Trusted Brands presents an interesting change. Nokia is the only hardware/electronic brand in the top 10. Surprising because it has been steadily losing market share to Samsung/MicroMax/Android phones and all the chinese brands. 7 out of 10 are CPG brands – Colgate, Luz, Lifebuoy, Dettol, Brittania, Maggi, CloseUp No financial services brand in this list of top 10. LIC used to be a regular if i remember correctly Airtel 5 spots ahead of Vodafone. Looks like “Har ek friend” positioning left the pug far far behind.  

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