Walking the Talk- with the tigers

Before you read on, please be warned that this a blatant advertisement for a friend who has impressed me with his dedication and passion towards the majestic Tiger.

T42 Tiger at Ranthambore

Ritesh – the guy you probably know from our crazy road trip across Rajasthan/Gujarat is committed towards doing his bit for the tigers & committed he surely is. He left his successful legal practice to build a community of legally aware and active citizens under the umbrella of Legal Mitra. Part of the whole effort revolves around publishing a magazine by the same name – Legal Mitra. While I have my share of differences with him on the business viability and the impact of a printed magazine in today’s times, I have been getting my complimentary copies from him regularly.

Amongst the well written & edited collection of friendly articles (sans the legal jargon) one would notice the 2nd page of each edition dedicated to the Tiger – one great snap after another from Lalit Rajora & an appeal of sorts from our resident Tiger enthusiast. Do remember that this is one page that commands the maximum premium when it comes to advertising revenue. Add to this that this is a self-funded initiative and its early days for the guy trying to build traction for his foundation.

I am over awed by his firm commitment to what is dear to his heart & I just wish more of us had the courage to do what we need to in our daily lives. All the best Legal Mitra !