Sound and light show @ Amer Fort, Jaipur

I have been to Jaipur a lot, but had never managed to see the sound and light show at Amer Fort.  Its a shame that I had missed it for so long. Fully recommended.

I managed to catch the 1900 hrs Hindi version which had Mr BigB’s voice and some amazingly well articulated narration . The audience was thin, given that it was a cold night on a weekday.But it was a perfect setting with an almost full-moon giving us a sense of our surrounding hillocks. The audience sits facing the Amer fort with back towards the highway that runs parallel to the fort. The story is about the life of Amer fort- how it had seen the rise & fall of not just the local kingdoms but of the mighty Marathas and the Mughals.

Not just the script or the story, the musical notes & the technical work done by the light guys is worth a standing ovation – and thats what they got from the 25 odd people gathered there that night.

Pls do make sure you take time out for this on your next trip to the pink city.