Reliance Power IPO media plan- abuse of negative tracer?

ADAG has leveraged its customer touchpoints to promote the Reliance Power IPO- including the massive reach of Reliance Communications.They have by default activated the jingle for Reliance Power for ALL of their subscribed customers.

Now each caller to any Reliance number gets to hear “Power on to….” as the default call-back-tune ! Its a brilliant idea which has definitely provided the maximum exposure for minimum cost- but has the customer got a raw deal in the process? Will this mean that everytime a ADAG group company goes to market to raise money- all Reliance callers will hear the jingle. Also will this motivate the other telecom operators (who arent so diversified) to “sell” this media space to agencies advertisers?

I remember hearing about ad jingles being activated for callers to some operators. It wasnt recieved too well primarily coz, explicit consent of the affected individual wasnt sought there was no clear revenue sharing from the sale of this inventory. With increased consumer awareness activism – such “ideas” will need to be packaged much better in the future. But in summary- hats off to the smart kid who came up with this brilliant coup for ADAG !