Park dedicated to the Witch Doctors

Somewhere in Sikkim is this strange touristy spot- a park dedicated to the Banjhakri- or the witch doctors. The life like sculptures in the park are one helluva scary art piece.

Local lore has it that the BanJhakri can cure any disease that befalls man, but its like a double edged sword. The apparently moody Banjhakri can cast an evil spell on you. Its also said that the women amongst them are known to enjoy eating human flesh.Our driver-guide told us that one ventured deep into the forests, one could come face-to-face with a banjhakri even today. Although I couldnt imagine why would one want to undertake such a risk.

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As if the stories and the sculptures were not spooky enough, the park has a huge tree with a split along its length- rumor has it that this is the work of lightning that struck the place. Maybe thats why they chose the place…
But whatever it is- the Spookiness Index of the place was really high…. and I could not imagine how people come here to have a nice lil cosy picnic !