Offline to online

Offline to online

Offline + online connect, was and remains an interesting area for internet innovation – simply because in our real-lives we consume most brands, products and services (remove information from this list for a moment) in an offline heavy way.

The real challenge that most brands face is that while these “offline consumers” are heavy consumers of digital inventories (think Google, Facebook, Youtube, emails etc), the brands have no way to know how these  consumers interact with them in reality, or whats the relationship or affinity they have with a particular brand.

One can imagine that the Levis brand manager, would want to have a different communication with someone, who has been buying a Levis for last 6 years as against a young teenager who aspires to buy her first pair with her first salary.

The ecommerce and other online players have it much easier, esp with “retargeting” becoming the buzz word. A consumer sees an inventory item and logs-off without making a purchase. The re-targeting ninjas help the portal connect with her again across a whole network of sites.Most players believe this should increase conversions.

Imagine the power a brand’s online communication could have, if they could re-target a customer acquired or serviced  in the real-offline world.

Interesting eh?