Fairs at Pragati Maidan-Lets Learn to Serve Information !

Pragati MaidanWas at the Auto Expo yday it was truly amazing how Pragati Maidan has changed over the last 5-6 years. There are a lot of signages ,food-stalls, kiosks now it surely is a better experience. But what hasnt changed is the lack of information for the visitors once inside the PM. We managed to find a few maps giving instructions/directions for various halls- but there were no legends to tell us which hall was housing what brands (e.g. I really wanted to see Dilip Chabbaria’s offerings- but failed to do so).

Opportunity: So I guess anyone wanting to reach out to visitors at any PM fair can do the following:

– take one of these maps that give clear hall #s directions

– Visit the fair the 1st day map the hall #s to the brands etc

– Print this map with your own brand/logo/communication hand out free to all visitors

– If someone had done this- i would have known that Nano was in hall 11, Vintage cars in 12c etc etc i would have carried the branded flyer for full3-4 hrs…enough time for the “brand” its communication to sink in.

Atleast for Auto Expo- i am sure this will get you not just brand visibility but a lot of blessings….coz I could hear so many visitors complaining that they are lost ! I am waiting for the next trade fair that happens here- you would see maps saying- “Which hall has what stall” sponsored by our company..