Easier to be Krishna than to be Arjun

The other day, my mom shared a powerful and thought-provoking quote, that she has just read.

It’s easier to be Krishna, than to be Arjun !!

And she went on to explain, that being Krishna requires one to look inside and discover the highest qualities that each of us are bestowed with.

But to be an Arjun, one needs to be full of faith.

Infact have so much faith and trust, that you see a Guru in your friend, who then becomes the Krishna in your life.

Krishna Arjuna

Its a very powerful thought.

To be able to trust someone or something so much, must infact be very liberating.

Coz then you surrender all your worries, doubts and fears.

I guess that’s why our ancient traditions laid so much importance on the role of a Guru.

And its definitely true in our corporate lives too.

We all need mentors.

And for mentors to be effective, one has to let go of all fears, doubts and insecurities and share what we truly feel. Open up to our mentors. And most importantly, surrender.

Can someone ever be truly selfish


(of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

This definition is inherently flawed.

Can someone be truly selfish


I can explain it in two steps:

  1. Very simple – I have come to believe that the only way any of us can get true happiness and peace is by helping others.By being compassionate
  2. Now, if we are truly truly selfish we should try to maximize our happiness at every opportunity possible. Right?

So going back to point1, how can we get that happiness & peace?  ….. its by helping others.

Hence if you really are selfish, you will do what the world sees as acts of random kindness and unselfishness.


Vipassana part 2

Just back from my 2nd Vipassana course and few things have become very clear

– Without regular practice, Retreats done annually do not help – so friends keep pushing me to be at it

-Have you ever seen an old movie or re-read a book and felt that its a whole new message? Its possibly due to the changed “I”- the person who was reading the book has changed between the two sessions. Well, the reality is that the person is changing with each chapter, each page, each paragraph, each word & maybe each letter. Am not sure I have grasped this fully, but yes – its something which is becoming clearer…. one step at a time.

– The old phrase “Shraddha vanam labhte gyanam” – meaning only the devoted ones get the knowledge – is so much true when it comes to the journey within. Came across this guy from Latvia who was the most humble & devoted being I have ever seen in my life. His progress on this path was visible from the comforting & strong presence his being had over the whole campus.

Prayer Wheels

– Its not just you, but most others have an interesting chain of coincidences that lead them to this path. Like this French doctor, who almost died while trekking in the Alps. Decided this is his 2nd life and he will not puruse money or fame but devote it to helping others. When he recovered from the broken bones, he decided to travel & someone recommended India. He said- why not. Reached Delhi & didnt like it much, someone recommended Dharamsala up in the mountains, he said – why not? On the bus ride up here he met someone who told him about Vipassana and the center at Dharamkot- so he came up without applying to check at the center. Was on the waitinglist but unlike others, just waited through the whole registration process of confirmed students got over. One didnt turn up & guess who got the chance?

– The mind is the perfect bargainer- just like kids are. It will plead & beg and if you give in once, it will definitely come back with a bigger demand. Learn when to say no & mean it.

– Good advice is all around us. Its upto us to figure out what we do with it. My 1st course someone had recommended that I listen to the discourses in Hindi. I wasnt sure my Hindi was good enough & went through with the English ones. This time also one old gentleman, suggested the same thing  & fortunately I acted upon it. Trust me, for us Indians who carry a lot of baggage of religious beliefs, rituals, faiths etc the Hindi discourses, talk to us at a whole different level. If you plan to sit for a Vipassana course & understand Hindi- do the same.

– The world is learning Yoga, Meditation, Spiritualism etc from India. While some of them might be just getting a kick out of these experiences, its hard to ignore the vast number of foreign nationals who go through all kinds of trouble(coming and staying in India) to gain the knowledge that India has been carrying/preserving/growing for so many years. Only if we could see how close we were to some true gems of human civilization.

– We are not our bank balance, we are not our degrees, we are not the brands we live in or with. We are not even what we created or what we destroyed or even what we protected……