The Konkan Drive

Konkan road trip

Finally got to do ph1 of my much planned (& always shelved) drive along the west coast of India. The excuse was that needed to shift my car from Chennai to Mumbai. And thanks to VJ, the road trip became a reality. We travelled a distance of over 1700Kms covering Blore, Mlore, Udipi,Bellur,Karwar, Goa etc etc…. and got to tick off almost all the places mentioned in Lonely Planet.


My top favs are the stretch where the highway kisses the beach for a good 3-4 kms and the small winding ghat road thru plantation country….

Pondicherry: The French loved this place….

And am sure u would too… With perfect sea, sand & sun- who wouldnt?…
Located about 150 Kms from Chennai- Pondicherry was a French occupied city & there are still a lot of French influence in the culture there. Nothing stands out as prominent as the strange hats of the policemen there:-)

The Drive from Chennai to Pondicherry is amazing on the wonderful ECR (East Coast Road)- with the highway running parallel to the sea for most part of it.

Most tourists to Pondicherry are attracted by the famous Aurobindo Ashram, but my fave excuse was brunch at Rendevous. Do check out the two famous Churches there- some inspiring architecture & stained glass work.

Other snaps of Pondicherry