Why is Financial Inclusion important?

Financial Inclusion is a common theme across multiple initiatives both by governments and private sectors across economies. Especially in the developing world, it would be safe to say that Financial Inclusion must be in the top 5 priorities of the respective governments. But why exactly is Financial Inclusion important ?   Financial Inclusion takes an economy towards more equal opportunities Financial access is a key component towards providing equal opportunities and equal access for growth for various segments of the society. Just like education, nutrition and healthcare access are critical in driving growth of a population, so is access to

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PayTm bill payment

Why I use Paytm for all bill payments except Airtel

Consumer behavior used to be a course that marketing folks took in 2nd year of Bschool. I¬†stayed away , like most other marketing courses. But over the years, time and again I have seen the importance of understanding the consumer behavior – why do consumers behave a specific way, why and how are habits formed, are all habits sticky, what would prompt a habit change and so on. My Online Bill Payments Behaviour Recently I just noticed something interesting about how I pay my bills. It brought up the importance of consumer behavior yet again. So here’s what happened. Every

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