Can someone ever be truly selfish

selfish (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. This definition is inherently flawed. Why? I can explain it in two steps: Very simple – I have come to believe that the only way any of us can get true happiness and peace is by helping others.By being compassionate Now, if we are truly truly selfish we should try to maximize our happiness at every opportunity possible. Right? So going back to point1, how can we get that happiness & peace?  ….. its by helping others. Hence if

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The Marketing Funnel at Baapu Market Jaipur

On a recent roadtrip, we went shopping at the famous Baapu Market in Jaipur. Its a bazaar with lots of small shops selling similar stuff mostly fabric, bangles, jewellery and the likes. One is also told to bargain hard when shopping here. While my wife was excited about the amazing collection of fabric, jewellery etc , I was intrigued by the interesting model that these shopkeepers had adopted. In most shops there were three different types of roles that the owner and staff were playing: The Marketers – One or two people who were stationed outside the shop, about 15-20

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PayTm bill payment

Why I use Paytm for all bill payments except Airtel

Consumer behavior used to be a course that marketing folks took in 2nd year of Bschool. I stayed away , like most other marketing courses. But over the years, time and again I have seen the importance of understanding the consumer behavior – why do consumers behave a specific way, why and how are habits formed, are all habits sticky, what would prompt a habit change and so on. My Online Bill Payments Behaviour Recently I just noticed something interesting about how I pay my bills. It brought up the importance of consumer behavior yet again. So here’s what happened. Every

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