About Wribhu

Given my unique name and an equally unusual spelling, I have got used to being asked “What does your name mean” – immediately after introducing myself. So here goes.

It means the “God of yagna”.

I am a avid traveller who feels that road-trips really get him back in the zone. I love to hear the stories of various locals, other travellers I meet and usually come back thoroughly inspired.

Also have a keen interest in photography and hope to improve my skills one shot at a time.

Based in New Delhi, India and have been working at the cusp of Digital channels and Financial Services for the last 13+ years.

I have worked with big companies like Citibank, TCS and launched successful start-ups ( was the CEO & co-founder of Deal4Loans and BimaDeals) and am really grateful for the fun-filled journey I have had so far.

These days, I am busy working on mTuzo – an Open API platform for Banks.

I also work as a Management Consultant to Banks and other Financial Services companies to assist them in their digital roadmap.

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